cPanel Autopilot

cPanelAutopilotOffer Unlimited Bandwidth to your customers and manage account disk and cPanel Autopilot Report bandwidth with the innovative cPanel Autopilot.

We all know there is no such thing as unlimited bandwidth … but all the big hosting providers offer it.

How do they do it?
They simply use the law of averages and let the small accounts balance out the larger accounts on their servers.

Now you can offer plans like the top hosting providers!
Complete a few configuration details and cPanel Autopilot automatically manages disk space and bandwidth to optimize your server’s resources and keep all your accounts running smoothly without interruption.

No more watching for bandwidth or disk space warnings to adjust account resources. Just maintain adequate disk and bandwidth space on your server and let Autopilot manage and optimize your individual account limits.

Eliminates inefficiencies caused by allocating a ‘plan’ limit.EmailReport
If all of your users start out with 500Mb of disk space, but average usage is less than 200Mb per account, you are wasting 60% of your disk space! cPanel reserves that empty space or bandwidth and it cannot be used by any of your other customers. Reclaim those wasted resources with cPanel Autopilot.

How does it work?

The cPanel Autopilot checks each account nightly (or on any interval you select), and based on usage, forecasts resources required for that account. Disk and bandwidth limits are optimized and adjusted automatically to keep all accounts operating within limits.

Daily reports tell you how full your server is getting, and list usage and limits for disk and bandwidth for each account on the server. If Autopilot adjusts either limit, the report will indicate the newly adjusted amount.

Free, fully-functional 7 day trial.
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