Email Account Wizard

EmailAccountWizardYour Customers Will Love This! Add or Delete Email Accounts Without Logging into cPanel.

Give your customers the ability to add and delete email accounts without the risk and hassle of logging into cPanel.

Now works with a single cPanel account or on a server with hundreds of cPanel accounts.

Simply install the script on your server and edit the configuration section. Immediately, any user on that server can manage email accounts. Link directly to the script or embed within your site using iFrames.

ScreenShotFree, fully-functional 7 day trial.

Customers aren’t familiar with hosting plans and configurations? Protect them from themselves and keep them out of cPanel.

Simply provide them with their cPanel login and point them to this script to manage their email accounts.

Quickly add dozens of email accounts.

After a successful account creation, the script retains all parameters except the account name, allowing you to quickly add additional accounts.

Download the trial version and check it out today.

Ready to purchase? Only?$24.99 per server

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