How do you know if your site has been hacked? ?If this is you, we can help!

  1. Google, Yahoo, Bing have Blacklisted your websiteuntitled
  2. Clients are complaining that your website is being flagged by their AntiVirus
  3. Your host has disabled your website because of a Security issue
  4. Google / Bing search is showing Viagra, Levitra or other Pharmaceutical ads in the search results
  5. You are plagued with reinfections
  6. You see ?This site is Hacked? or ?This site may be compromised? on Google search
  7. People are complaining that your website is redirecting on their mobile devices, notebooks, desktops
  8. Something just feels off ? you?re seeing weird activity, things are popping up or just want a second pair of eyes

iNetdog’s Sucuri?Partnership can clean injections, Trojans, malicious redirects, backdoors, SPAM injections and other evidence of malware.

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