Warning – telephone sales fraud may trick you into buying PC support plans.

Castle Rock , CO – June 8, 2015

I was looking online for a support number for my Netgear internet appliance and called what I thought was Netgear support.? The person with Warningan Indian accent who answered took down my details and said that a technician would call me back in about 10 minutes.

In about 15 minutes I received a call from a support tech, also with an Indian accent who said he would fix my issue.? He first said he would need to login to my computer which I helped him do.? Then he started checking all sorts of things unrelated to my Netgear appliance.? I showed him that?the device?did not have a network address and we should concentrate on that, but he said it was because of these other things he found.? Here is the fraudulent sales activity he did on my computer:

  1. Opened temporary internet files and told me they were corrupted files and viruses placed there by hackers who had access to my computer. I told him they were cached temporary files but he clicked one and showed me the warning that the files may be harmful to my computer.? Of course that warning is now in place for all downloaded files and he continued to blatantly lie about the nature of the temporary files.
  2. He opened a command window and said he was going to do a computer scan to show me something. He then ran the ‘tree’ command not realizing that I knew this was just a directory listing.? While the listing was running, he typed in (which remained hidden during the scan) 3 lines – Trojan detected, porn accessed, root kit installed.? At the end of the scan, the lines he typed in appeared and he claimed the scan found those three items. He did not realize that I knew exactly what he had done. (try it for yourself to see how despicable a sales tech is to do this to unsuspecting customers!)
  3. He told me the printing issue I had was caused by the hackers on my computer and took me to orlate.com to ask me which fix I wanted – he recommended the $129.99 support plan for 6 months of protection and said it would fix my issue. He pointed out the BBB accreditation (which does not link by the way), and asked for the sale. I told him no and got off the phone.

After the call I traced the number (844-226-6460 to Pctechyogi.us?- also in Texas.? It is not obvious they are the same company as Orlate, however if you look at the support plans (https://www.orlate.com/plans.php# vs http://www.pctechyogi.us/plans.php) you can see they are at the very least closely affiliated if not the same company.? This is the height of fraudulent sales and scare tactics – only my background in the IT field allowed me to see through their somewhat clever scheme.? I wish there was a way to lock them up, but at the very least, they should not be allowed to display the BBB logo or have a favorable rating on that site.? STAY AWAY FROM THESE COMPANIES!