Search Engine Optimization

What Do I Need to Get Top Search Rankings?

Two factors determine your ability to get great search engine rankings:

  1. The popularity or uniqueness of keywords selected,
  2. The optimization of your website to target the keywords selected.

Inherent RankingsSEO

If you select unique?keywords, you don’t need to do much else to get top search engine rankings.? For example,?our sites and both rank #1 for search terms?”Brian Hunt Music” and Coull Band.”? There?was little we needed to do in terms of optimization to get a top search ranking.

Competitive Rankings

However, for more popular keywords, your site must be optimized and differentiated from?others seeking?to draw traffic from the same keywords.?? This process is how we got #1 rankings on competitive keywords like?”kill spam now” and “anesthesia recruiting resources,”? on Google, and a #1 ranking?for best site monitoring” and “automated website backups” on Bing.

Why iNetDog SEO?

By using our SEO Service,?you will be able to see?every detail that affects your rankings. We tell you?exactly what you must do to get a top 10 search engine result.? Simply choose?the keyword?you’d like to get a page-1 Google listing on, and leave the rest to SEO.

What Do You Get?

You will receive three professional reports sent to you at perfectly calibrated intervals designed to move you up in the rankings:

  1. Ranker runs at the first of each month to show you?exactly were you stand for specific keywords in the search engines.
  2. Optimizer will make weekly specific recommendations in plain English?that will?boost your site?up in the?rankings.
  3. And finally, Submitter will continue to submit your site?to key search engines once each month.

Only $9.95 / month or $99.50 / year!

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